Monday, October 4, 2010

I had a great time

Some weekends are different ... sometimes it's the people, the place you go or just how you feel at the time.

This weekend it was all of the above and more ... being busy having fun is so much better than anything else and doing it in sunshine has to be the best.

I've been looking forward to seeing Jo from Joe Bloggs for a while. We met about six short months ago at Sew It Together and I was fortunate enough to share a room with Jo. Fortunate in so many ways because from the first few minutes we met I could tell I would like her ... it would be difficult not to.

We spent an action packed 24 hours ... and probably about 12,000 steps ... I definitely need to get myself a pedometer. We wandered all around Carlton and Brunswick and Richmond. We ate at Bimbo Deluxe (apple, almond, mascarpone and cinnamon pizza ... mmm, my favourite) and Vegie Bar, and listened to music at Bar Open, and just window shopped and rummaged for junk at Lost and Found.

But even though everything we did was fun it's so much more than that ... I admire Jo's honesty, her openness, and how much fun she is. I'm glad to call her a friend and I hope to see her very soon.

Thanks for a terrific time Jo.

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Jo said...

Aw, thanks Susan. I had a great time and am so glad you could make to time to meet with me. I think my pedometer is broken :-(