Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

It’s time for Ruby Tuesday … probably my absolute favourite reason for getting my camera out and taking photos.

This week I found another laneway, this time in lovely downtown Windsor when I met up with my blogging pal Big Fil for breakfast at Yellow Bird.

My friend Phil's also interested in street art and we often take a wander through various laneways looking for new examples. This week’s find was beautiful and probably recently done … this gorgeous mural in muted blue and salmon pink the whole way along the side of a chic upmarket bar.

Isn't this amazing ... the sweetest turtle.

I think this is a cow.

A fish swimming uphill!

And I have no idea what this is? Ideas?

Melbourne’s an interesting place for street art. We get our share of graffiti, which nobody likes. But for some reason, and I think it’s because street art is not only embraced in Melbourne but welcomed and encouraged by building owners and especially restaurants … that there’s so many good examples and they change regularly.

What’s happening red wise in your part of the world? Mary over at Work of the Poet has lots more examples to share.


Maxabella said...

That's really fantastic stuff. I agree that there's such a difference between graffiti and street art. I loathe those silly taggers, but I encourage street artists to paint the town all the colours of the rainbow. I wonder if the council agrees? x

nicole said...

maybe a goat?
oh and don't get me started on the street art vs. graffiti issue. that was all i seemed to write about in year 12 for art!

debby emadian said...

We have some great Banksy's in London which isn't too far from us her in Oxford. His work is not only good but usually amusing and very clever too......

Kim, USA said...

Wow a very beautiful graffiti. I think the last one is a sleepy goat ^_^.
Pop corn

Spadoman said...

I didn't do Rubyb Tuesday today, but I wandered over here to see what was cookin' abnd found this great streetvart. Nice job.