Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday knitting pattern

I was in a hurry last night looking for a vintage pattern to share when I caught sight of doll’s patterns on a cover and was even happier to see it’s costumes from around the world.

And how cute are they?

A Scotswoman in a sweet little kilt.

A Swedish and Finnish costume for the Scandinavians.

This darling little Dutch girl, who led me to start singing "I'm a little Dutch girl I don't care ..." and the rest is quite rude. Anybody else remember that rhyme from their childhood?

And what would the book be without a swagman?

My favourite is this Japanese traditional costume, complete with kimono and obi. She looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the combination of purple and green ... my favourite shades.

Which one would you make?


beck said...

The Swedish one! My Mark is Swedish born and I love the colours and style of their national costume. Although of course they differ from region to region. I was toying with asking you if you would send me a photocopy/scan of that page? Only if you have time. What a wonderful pattern book, so many great ones to choose from x

Leni and Rose said...

Gorgeous! I love the little Dutch girl, soooo cute!