Monday, August 2, 2010

Because I can ... free train travel and donations

It was weird travelling to work on Friday … there were constant messages blaring telling us train travel was free.

Most of Melbourne was inconvenienced going to work last Tuesday because of a power outage, and the people who weren’t stranded for hours on trains were caught in the traffic jams created by people using their cars to escape public transport.

For some reason I wasn’t one of them … sure I spent 3 minutes sitting outside Flinder St station, and my train went directly to Flinders St rather than through the loop and I had to change platforms to catch a loop train. But that was it … and if I catch an express (which goes directly to Flinders St anyway) I have to catch a loop train or walk. In the end I was hardly put out at all.

So I felt like a fraud on Friday not swiping my Myki … and when I saw the RSL guy collecting for the Weary Dunlop Appeal I was glad to donate the cost of my train ticket to such a worthwhile cause.

I would have spent the money on nothing much, and I felt so much better not swiping my ticket on the way home knowing the government had donated to a worthy cause.

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