Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Creative Space

I know it's long past Wednesday but I took these photos before I went to Sew It Together and I'm going to post them anyway because my creative space was a very, very, very fine space last week … just imagine the words to the tune of Our House by Madness.

And what did I have on the go?

I'd started knitting for charity with a really simple baby’s bonnet well on its way … a couple of inches isn’t bad for a three train journeys and I still have my fingers crossed I have enough yarn to finish this. I’m also planning to use a dark purple ribbon and maybe a felted flower as decoration.

I was working on the tags to go with my swap for Sew It Together and they were almost ready to be put together. Thankfully I was happy with the idea so it was an assembly line that didn't take long to finish.

And the hardest part was working out what to take to Sew It Together because, as usual, I couldn't make up my mind about what I might do during the Saturday craft session. In the end I managed to fit everything into the tin and I packed cross stitch and knitting. Way too much when I knew I'd hardly get anything done … that’s just me. But since it all fit into the crafting tin I wasn't going to worry too much. At least I'd have the whole lot to stroke over the weekend which would make me happy. Crafters really are so sad! LOL

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