Friday, April 2, 2010

Good things: Friday knitting pattern

How wonderful is it for Friday to be a day of rest ... no work for this over worked, over tired baby ... but still time to share a vintage knitting pattern with friends.

Last week was all about babies so I thought I'd go for something far removed from the soft sweetness of babies ... the rough and tumble world of a boy from the 1950-60s.

These boys look ready for any adventure: catching fish with a homemade rod, driving a rickety billy cart down a hill or playing cricket in the street.

For some reason, the patterns have reminded me of a movie called Tiger Bay. It's almost from the right era (the movie's from the late 1950s) and there are quite a few kids in the movie (including Hayley Mills in her first ever role). Surely one of them must be wearing something hand knitted.

Or maybe not ... here's an extract from the movie and I can hardly see a hand knitted item between them.

But don't let my hopeless memory stop you from catching the movie if you can. Grab your knitting and settle in ... it's well worth watching.

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Cherie said...

Knitting was so prevalent - yet who could afford the yarn - hence the lack of! Happy relaxing Easter to You and Yours. xo