Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good things: What's Hot and What's Not

Another day I'm asking myself "Where has my life gone?" because all I can this is "It's hump day again". Not complaining ... very happy! Hooray ... because it's time for What's Hot and What's Not.

What's Hot

Three day week. That's right. I had Monday off and have Friday off on a flex ... and it's still hump day today. The middle of a three day week. I'm really celebrating that.

NCB. It's Northern Craft Bonanza week and tomorrow is our crafty get together. It's always fun and it doesn't matter how late I stay out because I have Friday off! See above.

Early rising. I'm loving getting up early and I'm almost (but not quite) in an early to bed pattern. I feel so much more rested and it's so much easier to cope with the day. That, and eating well too.

Books. I've been reading so much lately ... and my world seems to be filled with Florence Broadhurst for some reason. First it was a Gillian Armstrong documentary on the ABC and then a work colleague was reading a book on her that she thought I would enjoy. And I am ... she was the most amazing flamboyant woman who was the brainchild behind wallpaper still considered classic today.

What's Not

Shoes. All my shoes seem to be wearing out simultaneously and I'm in a flurry of resoling and reheeling ... and nowhere can I find the flat, square toed shoes I prefer to wear each day because of my massively wide flippers ... er, feet (I'm a D fitting)!

Detail. I can remember stuff that happened to me years ago ... my recollection for detail is the stuff of legend at work. But I'm not so good when working with too much detail. It overwhelms me and I spend most of my time thinking I've forgotten something. Fortunately, the tasks will soon be over and then I can move on ... phew!

Knitting. I got some knitting done ... but tore it out five times because it didn't look right. Then I discovered yesterday that the reason why I wasn't happy is because I've been doing it wrong and I'm not sure yet how to fix it.

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Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Looking forward to seeing you at NCB tonight - thanks for checking out my blog x