Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good things: Miss C's Purse lost and found

Sometimes the babby (Miss C) gives me a few head scratching opportunities ... and makes me wonder how she’d cope away from home.

I got a call out of the blue this morning from the RACV (roadside assistance) asking me whether I’d lost my wallet. I don’t own one ... so I was more than a little confused, but quickly realised that Miss C borrowed $10 from me last night to buy a train ticket because her wallet was at work.

So, of course, when I rang Miss C to tell her it'd been found she had no idea it was even missing.

And she was so lucky. When I picked up the wallet at lunchtime all her cards were there, and the small amount of cash she had as well. Thank you to all the honest people in the world, but especially Craig and Karen from CityWide Jolimont who worked hard to get Clarissa's purse back to her as quickly as they could.

Now I ask all you responsible adults, the parents with adult or young children ... what would you do? I’ve spent my life prodding and poking but my children insist on shrugging their shoulders and not worrying. I’ve sort of given up with the whole nagging thing since Miss C's almost 22 ... but am I an enabler by helping out? Should I say too bad, I can't help ... but if I do that how can I expect her to help me out?

If I get arrested for shaken babby syndrome ... I will get visitors won’t I, and maybe some nice crafting activities?


Janine said...

I promise to come visit you Susan and I will bring cupcakes. I am not sure what the solution is we want to protect our fledglings as they enter the world and yet let them find their own two feet. Perhaps you could put it on a lanyard around her neck, or its three strikes and your out?

Anonymous said...

I love it - I have an almost 22 year old daughter who must have been born under the same star. She is totally carefree and doesn't 'sweat the small stuff' Grrr! Sorry I can't offer any words of wisdom as I don't seem to be gaining any more ground than you do.