Sunday, January 3, 2010

Neil: Sat 2 Jan 10

NEIL: Red Hill Market & Mornington Peninsula
We--Horace, Neil and I--wandered down to Mornington Peninsula to visit the Red Hill market and then to admire the view from Arthur’s Seat.

Red Hill market.
Horace and I have never visited the market before. I rang Tina and Mick a few days before we went to see if they were able to come as well ... because I had the wild idea of introducing Neil to Meagan, but they were busy with visitors and we didn't get the chance to meet up.

Horace and Neil taste testing locally made cider.

We didn't end up staying at the market for very long ... Neil is not the most patient person for wandering around. The market is absolutely huge, much bigger than any of the others we've visited recently, and I saw the nicest leather and fabric hand bags which I'm definitely going back to look at another time.

Arthur's Seat.
I really enjoyed Arthur's Seat again, especially as Horace and I were there so recently ... only last summer.

What else ... but a seat called "Arthur's Seat"? And waiting to take his turn after Horace and Neil was a little boy called Arthur.

This year the weather was so much nicer. The sky was a glorious blue and the water reflected it back.

You can just see the heads the ships pass through to get into the bay, and Bass Strait beyond.

And we could only just see the city way off in the distance.

If you click on the photo you'll be able to make out the city on the horizon, right in the centre.

We also took a wander along some of the walking tracks and made our way to another lookout to get a better view of the bay.

One of the few photos I managed to get one of Horace and Neil together sitting on the base of a rock cairn. Neil is not a willing victim ... unlike Horace!

Mornington Peninsula National Park.
Our last stop was the Bass Strait side of the Mornington Peninsula National Park ... and what's left of London Bridge, to be exact.

It was blowing a gale … such a change from the calm beauty of the bay, and all of us got a sand blasting from the wind whipping up the sand. But that doesn’t stop us … I always want to explore everything and I have to say Horace is exactly the same.

A short video by Neil of the beach ... and play this with sound. It shows exactly how wild it was.

One of the nicest things there was the wind surfer enjoying himself. And what a wind he got to play with … he was having a ball.

Horace watching the wind surfer ... and the wind surfer was having the best time.

And then we wandered down to London Bridge ... or what's left of it because the bridge has well and truly fallen down! But it was so nice there ... the water especially as it runs under the cliff and into the rock pools behind it.

A picture of Neil in his usual pose ... checking his photos. Most of the time it's the only way I can snap him.

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beck said...

Looks like a fun day out. I love the beach shots. Funny how some people just hate having their photo taken isn't it? Actually, come to think of it I'm one of them! x