Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good things Thu 28 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: Northern Craft Bonanza extravaganza
Tonight was my first visit to the Northern Craft Bonanza, a meeting (in lieu of a better word) of crafters to chat, chat, drink coffee ... and maybe get a little crafting done.

I met so many new people ... there must have been 20 or more women there, all doing something interesting. (There are photos over at The Craft Gypsy ... not mine. Next time I'll take my camera.)

There were knitters, broochmakers (Betty Jo), glass and camera holder makers(Curlypops) ... those are just a few and it'll be good to meet a few more of the crafters and see what they're making.

In talking to Betty Jo, an idea came on us to set up a swap ... no doubt others have a part of their stash they'd be happy to swap for something 'new'.

And, of course, I got to meet Cathy and collect my wish collage, which now sits on my bureau.

The collage in its pride of place on the bureau next to my bed.

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