Monday, January 18, 2010

Good things Sat 16 Nov 10

I know this has been kicking around the Internet for a long time ... I must have watched it half a dozen times myself and it never fails to make me laugh.

So I thought I'd share it for the six people left in the world who haven't seen it yet! LOL

PS The clips are all done in really good humour but be warned about the language. It's very blue ... so don't watch if you don't like your language salty!

The story: Jimmy Kimmel always ends his talk show with not having time to interview Matt Damon … which has kinda become his theme.

His then girlfriend Sarah Silverman, as a joke, got together with Matt Damon to create a song that seriously takes the p*#s out of this by telling Jimmy Kimmel … aw, what the hell, I won’t spoil this by telling you … just watch the d$&m clip ...

So to get back at Matt Damon, who stole his woman, Jimmy Kimmel decides to get his revenge by stealing something Matt Damon loves … his best friend from high school, Ben Affleck.

And I give you … the revenge. PS Check out the cast Jimmy Kimmel gets to star in his clip … including the gorgeous Brad Pitt as a UPS delivery boy. And ignore the intro where it repeats the Matt Damon/Sarah Silverman clip ... it just sets the scene for 30 seconds or so.

And finally, a quick interview with Matt Damon about the saga … and guess what … Sarah Silverman’s still f*@king Matt Damon! LOL

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