Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good things Fri 15 Jan 09

GOOD THINGS: Sweet stuff
I have to put my hand up to stand at the head of the line for being a sweet tooth.

And the result isn't pretty ... one look at my rapidly expanding girth is enough to tell anybody that!

Gummy bears in the sweets jar in my room ... the hearts and flowers were made when I was a Brownie Leader using acrylic paint and a sheet of glass.

But what can I say ... I love those Haribo gummy bears and the English Rowntree wine gums and there's generally a stash somewhere around the house.

It was a pain when they stopped selling the English wine gums in Australia a few years ago but I've discovered two places I can get a fix from in the city ... and would you believe one of them is next door to Morris and Sons in Collins Street. LOL

Thank you Helen at Bellsknits. It was a very happy day I heard about Morris and Sons from you.


Anonymous said...

ooh gummy bears! Now I want some! Cute jar!

And I'm so glad you learned about M&S. GREAT shop!

Kylie said...

Humm - Gummy Bears - not my fav (I am more of a choccy treat girl - but glad that you have been able to find them.

Am yet to get to a MandS shop - one day:)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love wine gums too and have also noticed that they are hard to get :(

The problem with a jar like that in my room would that I'd need to refill it twice a day. If I saw them, I'd need to eat them... mmm... not a lot of self control here...