Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365 Wed 30 Dec 09

Time again for What's Hot and What's Not ... brought to my blogging world by Claire at Loobylu.

I've loved the months I've been doing this, and instead of What's Hot and What's Not for the week that's past it seems timely to concentrate on what's been good and bad for the year that's quickly coming to a close:

What's been Hot.
The big overseas trip. We finally made our big trip overseas and had the best time ... so much so that I'm quietly working towards doing the same thing in August 2010.

I couldn't think of a beter photo for this post ... but a symbol of freedom.

Wini's trip overseas. Wini ostensibly followed a boy to Canada and even though that didn't work out she's staying and things seems to be working out well for her. She has a good job, a safe place to stay and she's planning to apply for residency come July and study. Great news in my book.

Family. We've connected so much more with family this year--Horace's and mine--and I feel so much closer with everybody ... including Wini despite her being so far away.

Project 365. Starting was difficult but it's turned out to be the best year. My photography has improved, and I've taken photos most days of the year ... 307 out of 365. Not a bad outcome ... and I never had to ask myself whether I'd do it again. The answer is yes.

Craft. My crafting experience has exploded and widened ... especially once I found the amazing Australian crafters who blog regularly. I've loved the inspiration I've got from them ... and how much I've done: knitting, cross stitch, photography, painting. I've loved every minute of that.

And what's Not.
House in disarray. There is still so much to be done ... walls to be painted, carpet to be replace, kitchen to be revamped. We've started the painting but we haven't got very far: a few walls have been washed and prepared and Clarissa and I've tried out and chosen the colours we want ... but it's nowhere near enough.

My job. I have to try harder to spur myself to change jobs. It's the one part of my life I'm really disappointed with ... it drives my crazy that I'm stuck in a rut of my own making but I just can't seem to push myself to change it ... a new year's resolution there maybe?

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