Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365 Thu 31 Dec 09

NEIL: He’s here!
After such a short wait ... Neil has arrived! And in so much shorter wait than a nine month gestation and so much easier than raising them to 26! LOL

And he’s such a nice guy he’s definitely another adult child on my list to adopt.

We were late leaving home to collect him from the airport ... we didn’t leave home until his plane had landed and it’s around an hour to the airport. Add to that not explicitly telling Neil I’d pick him up ... well, it could have ended in tears!

I wondered for a while whether he’d be at the airport when we arrived but since I was sure he didn’t have the address to make his own way to us I was pretty sure he’d be there. A very organised day is all I can say.

But we arrived in good time and there he was, practically the last person in the airport lounge and looking very sad and tired. Poor baby … he looked like the last kid to be picked up from school ... after school camp! LOL

In the end we had the quietest of New Year’s Eve. Horace and I had no plans this year to see in the New Year ... and I know Neil, who’s never travelled overseas before, had no idea of the impact of travelling forwards in time ... he ended sleeping from around 4 in the afternoon and not waking up until 5 minutes after midnight.

Not quite what the party animal intended ... but sometimes it happens.

Happy New Year to everybody … I’m planning for 2010 to be my best year ever.

And a few fireworks to see the new year in.

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