Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Project 365 Wed 25 Nov 09

What's Hot and What's Not at Loobylu has rolled around again ... and I've had another another good week.

What's Hot:
The price of international calls. With Wini away we've been making calls galore to stay in contact and it's not breaking the bank. Love that.

Paint. My hands are covered with paint from my recent endeavours ... I thought I'd have a go at "shabby chicing" my wooden tissue box cover and it's looking appropriately distressed. Now to add some blue to my cork board to make a pigeon pair.

This looks better than I thought although I still need to sand back the other sides to reach the same point.

Craft markets. I've been having so much fun staying up to date with all the wonderful markets around Melbourne and working out which ones to go to ... there doesn't seem to be enough days in the weekend to get to all the markets I want to explore.

New train operator. Only a few more days until Connex is banished from our lives and replaced with our new train operator. Could it get any worse? Hope springs eternal. LOL

What's Not:
Melbourne weather. Can this place ever make up its mind? First we've had February's weather in November giving us the warmest November on record, followed by bucketing rain that didn't find its way into the water catchment areas. What we need is rain ... in the water catchment areas!

Insomnia. I'm still finding it hard to get enough sleep but I'm pushing myself to get up earlier and endure the crankiness that comes with it in the hope I'll be so exhausted I'll fall into bed earlier and miracolously emerge with a regular sleeping pattern. (Fingers crossed.)

Difficult complainants. One of my roles at work is to handle the harder or more difficult phone and written complaints. I work with a brilliant bunch of people so this seldom happens but what a pain when it does! The answers are never easy ... and sometimes there isn't an answer at all. And everybody believes their complaint is justified and reasonable!


Bells said...

i'm not sleeping well either. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get a full night's sleep again. It's not nice is it?

Claire said...

I need to get painting some old furniture this weekend. You've inspired me! Thanks for playing along! xx