Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 21 Blogtoberfest 2009 Bitten by the Karma fairy

After my comments last week re not losing things, the Karma Fairy decided I needed a little wake up call and I've lost not one ... oh no ... but two things since then.

On Friday I lost my umbrella; the pretty little red and white polkadot umbrella I bought in London, and all within 30 minutes of leaving the doctor's surgery to catch the train.

All I have left is the cover and the memories of what a sweet little umbrella I had for all of 8 weeks!

Then on Sunday I lost my big orange recycled bag I was carrying for any stuff we bought at the Sunday markets. I got off the train and it must have just fallen out of my pocket.

It was that it was a particularly nice looking bag because it wasn't (it was orange and covered in companies promoting scrapbooking stuff), but it was a bloody useful bag. The 14"x14" size was brilliant for carrying scrapbooking goodies and it just handy generally.

I've tried hard to find them.

I rang all the places I've been that have phone numbers and even visited the Lost Property office for Melbourne trains .. but no joy.

The place my umbrella used to hang ... it reminds me all the time I've lost it.

The Karma Fairy has well and truly spoken ... and I'm much humbler for it!