Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365 ENGLAND Wed 09 Sep 09

It was so good to see my Aunt Maureen, her husband Bill and my cousin Janet after so many years. The last time I saw Janet was in Bodmin in 1985, and I haven't seen my aunt since the last time she visited Australia.

We had such a nice visit ... after Horace and I dropped the the car off at Manchester airport. Note: Manchester airport is exactly the same as Heathrow airport ... they're both impossible to find your way in and out of!

My aunt and uncle came to the Travelodge to pick us up ... and it was strange meeting them. They were the first family we've seen in England and I wasn't sure of our welcome ... despite how excited Maureen had been over the phone before we left Australia.

And it was such a nice afternoon ... we went to dinner at a local carvery and had a great chat and meal. And after that we went back to my Aunt's house before heading back to the hotel around 7.30pm, with the promise to visit again tomorrow.

The first photo of everybody together; the look on my Aunt's face is her to a tee ... she's so much fun.

Horace took a photo of me with everybody.

My Aunt has the nicest little retirement house ... a perfect size for her and Bill and so comfortable in and out. The garden is really pretty thanks to Bill's work, they have two bedrooms and a nice sized dining room and living room ... the whole place must be the same size as Mum's unit and I've always thought that's the best size for retired people.

The front of my Auntie Maureen's cottage ... her cottage is to the left with the flowers around the door.

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