Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project 365 England Sun 30 Aug 09

Kiddie Carnival, the day children come out and 'play mas' (ie masquerade), precedes the big day tomorrow.

We arrived so early in the morning before the crowds arrived that it was great ... we made it to Trini Hill, where all the Trinis congregate, got a great spot by the road and waited patiently for it all to start. In fact I was so patient I never left my spot all day in case I didn't get it back!

This year's theme was ‘Welcoming the World’, with each group interpreting the theme through colour and costume. The theme's a great one considering Notting Hill Carnival includes the many countries across the West Indies, and people all over the world flock to see it.

Before you start looking at the photos, get yourself a drink and settle down ... there are quite a few because I just couldn't make up my mind which photos so I included as much as possible.

The view towards Trini Hill, way in the distance on the right, first thing in the morning as we walked towards it.

The police presence was huge ... this was only a few of the large numbers we saw walking from place to place during the day.

A small to medium sized costume ... there are larger to come. And bear in mind that every costume must be able to be worn by one person only, and people cannot be helped by others.

The Aztec inspired costumes for the little kids were a cute interpretation for this year's theme.

This costume is a whole lot bigger and worn by one of the older girls ... check out the two palm trees abover her head.

There were plenty of steelbands (and the huge trucks with sound systems) with every truck stopping at Trini Hill to pay homage to the Trinidadians ... because they started the carnival.

These guys were such little cuties in their yellow costumes.

These guys were the first kids were saw for the day ... and I still don't know what they were.

A view down the street of what it looked like as the kids left us.

A larger costume ... this guy looks like an amazing dragonfly.

These girls were part of a larger group ... all in different colours: pink, green, yellow.

I didn't expect this ... the hugest group throwing chocolate everywhere: over themselves, the crowd, over everything.

One of the smaller costumes ... but such a beautiful colour.

Popeye and Olive Oyl ... these costumes were hugely and absolutely gorgeous, but I'm still wondering how they fit with the theme.

Another shot of the Aztec theme kids ... this time as they danced away from us.

I think this was the largest costume carried solely by a person and without wheels or some other (allowed) assistance.

A flame inspired costume ... and another requiring running repairs as they day progressed.

Another of the many steelbands that passed where we stood.

One of the many revellers who took rest on a support vehicle ... he sure looks comfortable.

This little girl looks so engrossed in her dancing and having a good time.

The truck with the sound system which led the Flamboyan Mas Camp ... we visited this camp and I'll show some of the photos tomorrow.

I wish I could remember the mas camp everybody was in and the themes ... because I really like this one.

Lucky last, another part of the Aztec band ... there were so many sides to how this mas camp interpreted this year's theme.

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