Monday, September 21, 2009

Project 365 England Fri 28 Aug 09

Horace's feet haven't been improving, and to make matters worse he now has the most horrible rash ... and that's really scaring me.

So today we made the effort to visit a doctor ...which means we've used the medical system in every country we've visited.

The hospital Horace attended; one of the best teaching hospitals in the UK.

And I have to say the UK has come out miles ahead for the service it provides and the cost.

Time taken before Horace was seen by the doctor at a walk in clinic? 10 minutes.
Time spent in emergency before Horace's personal information and history was taken? about 30 minutes.
Time spend waiting to see a doctor after that? 10 minutes.

And it wasn't that the service wasn't impeccable. Quite the opposite.

The doctor at the walk in clinic was concerned enough to send Horace to the hospital for further examination, and the hospital was very professional and thorough.

I see a doctor every time in the UK if I had my way.

And the cost? ... absolutely nothing for both visits and medication.

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