Friday, August 21, 2009

Project 365 Canada Wed 12 Aug 09

Everywhere you go in Montreal you can't help catch a glimpse of the St Lawrence River, and what a river. It's amazing ... it's width, its power and its character. The Yarra River at home is nowhere near its size.

We went for a wander on what turned out to be a really hot, humid day (that's the only kind of day they have at this time of the year so there wasn't much choice) and we really wimped out. It's so humid all the time there's no escaping from it ... most of the time it's close to 100% and the sweat is dripping off me. And I hardly ever sweat in Melbourne; the heat is too dry.

Our destination was the rapids a few kms away but we didn't make it ... although we got a great sense of how beautiful the parks beside the river are, and how friendly and helpful Montrealers were. People would just stop and ask us if we needed any help or directions ... especially this really friendly local, originally from Barbados, who stopped to chat for a while.

And the really funny this is that anytime we say we're from Australia ... the first thing people mention is Steve Irwin. And it's amazing how sorry people are he's gone and how well known and loved he is in Canada.

Clarissa taking a shot upriver from a platform next to the river. We met a really nice local and his son there, fishing, and chatted for quite a while. Our first reference to Steve Irwin for the day.

The place where we met the nicest man, a Montrealer orginally from Barbados, cycling with his niece visting from Barbados. Only 15 minutes later and our second reference to Steve Irwin.

One of the many spots for people to sit and enjoy the river.

One of the watercraft tied up at the side of the river.

Horace taking a rest in the park.

A final shot of the rapids in the distance ... there was no way I was going to make it that far.

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