Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project 365 Canada Sun 9 Aug 09

Today Diane took us to a family picnic held each year in Angrignon Park by Reggie and Norma, and it was really nice to meet native Montrealers and to be part of how Montreal embraces the summer ... and they really know how to embrace summer.

Everywhere you go people are sitting in their gardens, walking down the street ... the parks and streets are full of people enjoying the sunshine. We were one of three big picnics in the same area.

The flags of the countries at the picnic. The Trinidad flag is front and centre ... with Horace hidden behind it!

The line for food: Norma organises everybody to bring something and there are mountains of food. Diane took a huge macaroni and cheese.

Reggie and Norma really give to their community. They organised something for the children: a huge bag of candy and a gift, and the kids were so excited opening them.

Horace and Diane chatting ... Diane does not like her photo taken so this one was hard to get.

I like this one of Neil and Tante Clarissa.

Bryan came later and this was the best shot I got of him.

A French speaking Quebecer who joined the party ... he was drawn to the music and had a great time.

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