Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365 Sun 5 Jul 09

After 3 weeks of suffering without a machine, using the laundromat and getting sundry clothes ruined ... this morning, yes, Sunday morning, at 8am our new washing machine was delivered.

Our new baby already hard at work with its first load!

What did we get?

Another front loader ... I love how much less water they use and in such a water starved country as Australia that's an important feature. I also love how delicate they are on clothes, with top loaders seeking to emulate that. The downside, of course, is how long a load takes and not being able to add things once the machine has started but I've owned front loaders for 30 years and I'm acclimatised to the cons.

I did some research before we bought the machine because I didn't want to buy a Whirlpool again. I didn't find our last one that reliable, but in the end we went with them again. Why? Price really, and because my research suggested there wasn't a manufacturer whose machines don't break down and everybody is 100% happy with.

So, we now have a 7.5kg machine, and when we added the five year extended warranty and delivery it was less than the cost of a machine by others. And they threw in six months worth of Omo to sweeten the bargain!

And the quickest cycle on the little baby is only 45 minutes. Got to be happy about that ...

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