Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project 365 Tue 26 May 09

As if I wasn't excited enough when Horace rang me at work to say my passport was arrrived, that was nothing to when I actually saw it. I believe I almost kissed it in relief ... it took almost a month to get here!

My old and new passports: both UK or rather now EU.

Horace is now well on his way to get an Australian passport, and is doing a really good job. The next stage is the Naturalisation Ceremony and then the passport should only take a few weeks after that.

Clarissa's been waiting for my old passport to return; she needs my residency stamp to prove her citizenship. A very dull story I bored you with a few months ago . I'm taking her passport application tomorrow with me and I'll drop it off when I get my new passport stamped with a residency visa.

And, of course, Wini's had her passport for years.

We're getting there.

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