Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project 365 Thu 9 Apr 09

It was a very dull trip to Ballarat on the train so I amused myself with Clarissa with a little texting.

One of Clarissa's messages on my phone.

Clarissa: I dont know u tell me...u could be telling big porky pies
Me: It's a wise child who knows her own father
Clarissa: I don't get it
Me: A mother always knows her own child...not necessarily the father
Clarissa: Ah then yes grasshopper very wise

The tail end of our conversation gives a good insight into a couple of things about Clarissa.

She's never afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly they might be or how she might sound.

As she was growing up she would ask a million questions, including about things I was sure she should already know. The obvious question went through my head ("Is this kid dumb?"), until in late primary school I twigged she was just a fearless asker of questions. And I began to feel glad about that approach to life ... because to me it meant she learned what she wanted to know and wouldn't be led by what others thought about her as she did it.

The conversation also shows how funny and quirky she can be; I can always count on being around her to cheer me up. And that little skill certainly made my trip go a little faster.

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