Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project 365 Mon 27 Apr 09

Melbourne's train service sucks. Trains run late constantly and are cancelled even more frequently. Too many times people have to stand.

So ... as you might understand, humour is generally in short supply when even thinking about Melbourne trains.

This was the case when I turned up to catch the train:
1. I just missed the 8:12 train I was running for (my fault of course but not really relevant!)
2. The next train (the 8:21) was cancelled
3. The next train (the 8:27) was running late and arrived about 5 minutes late.

Anyway, at least I was on my way, and I settled in a window seat and started reading.

Some time later the train driver made an announcement: "The train was running late this morning because blah, blah, blah(I can't remember wh!). Connex probably apologises for that".

The carriage burst into laughter, and that must have been case all along the train.

Sure they apologise for it. Apologising for every cockup is tacked onto the end of every cancellation and delay. But does it ever improve the train service?

My monthly train ticket. Look how much I pay every month for the privilege!

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