Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project 365 Fri Apr 24 09

Today I went for an interview for an Executive Level 1 advertised for a temporary 12 month period. The main responsibility for the position is to implement premium rate portability in Australia, an interesting position and one I'd like to do.

PS This is who I work for.

When I got back from the interview I was asked "How do you think you went?"

I don't think the answer can be anything but "I don't know". I've been on enough interview panels to know they're the only people who know the answer to this question because they know what they're looking for and how the other applicants performed.

So I answered the only question I have any control over and that's how I felt about the interview ... and the funny thing is I left the interview smiling.

It was a great panel for a start, made up of people I'd worked with before. Normally that would be really put me off, but not this time. They were really relaxed and informal, and the interview was more of a chat around the questions.

I know that's the way I prefer to interview and it was really nice to be on the receiving end.

As to the other ineviteable question: When will I get an answer?

As soon as possible is always the answer, and something always seems to get in the way of making that happen.

In any event there's enough happening in my real job to keep me extremely busy and on my toes (more of that next week), and I'm not giving the interview another thought. I have a fortnight to survive!

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