Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365 Fri 27 Feb 09

Pretty late in the day, near the train station only a block from home, I came across this sofa in the middle of the roundabout.

The sofa, as cars swirled around it.

This kind of strange thing doesn't happen often around here. Mordialloc is such a middle class place that prides itself on how beautiful etc it is that the sofa isn't likely to last long.

But I couldn't help laughing because it felt like I'd stumbled on some impromptu performance art.

UPDATED Sunday: At some stage over the weekend the Council put green tape around the sofa, presumably to secure it to the sign behind it and to make sure it didn't fall on the road. How kind those Council workers are to look after us so well! LOL

UPDATED Monday: At some stage on Monday morning (between 9-11am because I went past the sofa at both these times) the Council carted the sofa away. I knew it wouldn't last! LOL

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Laura said...

*LOL* I just had to go for a little drive and see it myself. I was well amused :).