Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365 Day 12

Today I went to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to take my Australia Citizenship Test--and I passed my 20 questions with 100%. And after 44 years of residence and my entire schooling and working life spent here it should only have taken me 2 minutes to get a 100% result! Woo hoo! My entitlement is now established, and all I need to do now is to attend my interview and take the oath.

The main entrance to Immigration and Citizenship in Melbourne.

But it's not so easy so far for Horace. At least he doesn't have to take the Citizenship Test as he doesn't trust his short term memory. But we're not having such a good time either finding his passport and driver's licence, and he doesn't have a birth certificate--which of course we need.

I emailed Trinidad once before and never got a response so I'm emailing them again, and I'll find the email addresses of a few Consuls or High Commissions and find out if they're any better.

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