Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fabulous Day

Yesterday I spent the day with Jason and Tamika at Lunar Park and we had the best day. Originally Mum was to come with us but she bowed out because the weather was going to be too hot, but as it turned out the promised cool change came through in the morning and the weather was brilliant: 23 and with the most beautiful cool breeze off the bay.

Jason and Tamika at the entrance to Lunar Park.

I wondered how the day would go because I thought Tamika would get bored with going on rides by herself, and be constantly bugging Jason and I to go on with her. That happened at first (plus being scared on the first couple of rides), with Jason and I going on one rides with her: me on a mini roller coaster and Jason on the Scenic Railway around the park.

Tamika looking apprehensive on her first ride.

Jason and Tamika on the mini roller coaster.

Tamika and I on the mini roller coaster.

Jason and Tamika on the Scenic Railway; the two of them are right at the end.

But somehow or other Tamika and this little girl Brianna hooked up and the two of them spent the rest of the afternoon together, and I mean three hours of non-stop riding! The two of them were in complete agreement about which rides they would and wouldn't ride on (and there were two very scary rides they agreed they wouldn't go on), and both gave the other the confidence to try a couple of rides they wouldn't otherwise have touched.

The first ride the girls went on together.

The girls enjoying the mini roller coaster together.

The last ride of the day

And Jason and I got to spend the afternoon with Brianna's very nice mother--whose name I've already forgotten (typical me and names).

Tamika, Brianna and her Mum on the carousel.

But in general the girls ran from ride to ride; without taking a toilet break, anything to eat or even a sip of water, and we ended up leaving the park at 5.30pm after 5 hours of non-stop rides! Not bad value for a $27.95 'all you can eat smorgasbord' for Tamika and a ride each for Jason and I.

And after Tamika was so keen to get to the beach to go swimming all we managed was a quick half hour paddle around 4pm when Jason felt that Tamika really had to stop and get something to eat (and Brianna and her mother did the same thing). So Jason, Tamika and I wandered down to the beach for something to eat and a paddle in the bay, and to soak up some of the atmosphere that was St Kilda Beach.

Tamika walking across the sand.

Jason sitting on the boardwalk watching Tamika in the waves.

All in all a brilliant day, and no downside (including sunburn) to mar the day.

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