Thursday, July 3, 2008

Off to hospital for Horace

Horace and I are no longer going away during July because his back operation is now planned for 31 July. And it's pretty serious because they are planning to make space in his spine for his nerve, as the lack of space around a slipped disc is the cause of the referred pain in his hip and leg.

Other things have been tried so far to give hims some relief, including an epidural a few months ago, but nothing real or lasting has been achieved. Horace is now reduced to two options only (living with it or the operation). Doing nothing means that he limits his standing and walking to less than 10 minutes at a time with the pain increasing over time and his mobility being further reduced, or has the operation and hopefully gets some improvement. While neither of us were 'excited' about the operation when we first heard about it because of the risks, we're now in violent agreement that something must be done so the operation is it!

I have everything from fingers to toes crossed that it turns out well, and for now have the best excuse in the world to shop; to kit Horace out for his 2-5 day in hospital and 2 week stay in rehab!

Love to all

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