Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last weekend visiting Ballarat for a while

I spent the weekend visiting because Horace goes into hospital on Wednesday and it'll be a while before I feel happy about leaving him.

I had a great weekend that rain, fog and wind didn't impact on at all, and as usual I got to catch up with the whole family at dinner on Saturday night. Most importantly, of course, I got an early birthday present from Carol (Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume) as I won't see her during August. That was really thoughtful of her, and I love the perfume; really light and delicate for day time wear.

Mum and I took Tamika to the pictures on Sunday morning to see the latest Narnia film, which I loved. There were huge fight scenes in it for a children's movie, but the Narnia books are absolutely my favourite childhood reading, and I'm eagerly waiting for the next one. It's also easy to see on film that CS Lewis and Tolkien were friends; the walking trees in the Narnia and LOTR are one example of where they've used used each other's ideas.

I took down a few more of my DVD collection to share : Rome, the first two seasons of Robin Hood, the last season of Life on Mars, and North and South specifically for Mum. We're all such Anglophiles when it comes to TV and movies that it's been worthwhile to buy the DVDs and see them passed around. Jason really enjoyed Band of Brothers and Mum is enjoying it so far, and when Mum's finished she's passing it on to Carol and Mark. Now I'm hanging out for the 2nd season of Rome and The Tudors to be more widely available and cheaper in Australia; otherwise it's an expensive obsession.

Mum and Debbie are planning to visit my uncle Stanley before September, when Mary and her husband arrive from Canada for a visit. They're currently planning the driving versus flying options, with flying to Newcastle winning at the moment. It'll be good for Mum to see her brother, which she hasn't done since his stroke a few years ago, and good for Debbie to get away given her recent problems. I just wish I was going as I hate missing out, and none of them will think to take photos. I suppose I'll just have to ring and give them a quota!

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