Monday, March 14, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Sometimes flea market finds are sexy, amazing, stunning; and sometimes the "flea market fairy" points me in a far more practical and useful direction ... like this week with three big glass jars that can be used for storing lots of things.

Mr H, you see, has decided to preserve lemons, and alas, for his first effort a few months ago, all we could find in the cupboard were a couple of smaller jars, including this one with a metal lid ... and not a great choice when you're dealing with caustic elements like lemon juice and salt but ... needs must.

Now we no longer need to worry about that as I found not one, but three, large ex-coffee jars between the nine op shops I managed to get to this week ... in about three hours! (Poor Mr H ... I've already snaffled two of them for sugar!)

And just so you know they're out there if you're interested in glass jars ... Mr H and I found this huge glass jar a few months ago (we now have three which store SR and plain flour, and the "newer" one for regular sugar).

I can't wait to find more because I love the sturdiness of these jars (and because I need to find at least another one for Mr H), and maybe next week I'll be a little luckier with the vintage sheet finds. Can you believe I've been to 11 op shops over the last week and I managed to find only one sheet worth getting for the swap: a pretty but slightly faded striped lilac sheet? Lucky I have almost no purple/lilac sheets and I love stripes so I was excited all the same.
What have you been up to? Find anything good ... or did the "flea market fairy" not smile on you? Lots more flea market finds over at Sophie's place.